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Meet the Designer - Ellis Bridals

Updated: 5 days ago

Welcome to our first blog written by the person who knows nothing about Social Media, Apps, Bluetooth and all other invisible connections. However, give me a bridal gown and I know a thing or two.

Let’s take this blog journey one step at a time and see where the fun takes us.

Happy reading you lovely lot!

You may ask, why Ellis? Well, lets talk about this designer and we will tell you why The Ivory Lounge are a huge fan.

At Ellis, quality is paramount. From luxurious silks to delicate laces, every gown is crafted from the finest fabrics. Each stitch is executed with precision and care by skilled artisans who are dedicated to upholding the brand's legacy of premium gowns at an affordable price. Ellis Bridals have been around for over 100 years now, over a century of refining that design process for our beautiful brides.

While trends may come and go, the elegance of traditional bridal styles ensure each gown is as unique as our bride and their wedding day.

Ellis Bridals effortlessly combines classic silhouettes with modern design elements, resulting in gowns that feel both timeless and contemporary.

The founder and original designer Ada Ellis honed her craft by creating bespoke dresses for London's early 20th Century aristocracy. The birth of Ellis Bridals came on the day Ada herself walked down the aisle in the very first Ellis wedding gown in 1910. Her distinctive, elegant style gained attention and word spread fast! Go girl!!

Here at The Ivory Lounge, we pride ourselves in our personal, friendly and respectful Customer Service. We believe every bride should receive a five star experience the minute they step into our boutique. As a customer ourselves to Ellis Bridals we receive quality first hand support and advice reflecting our own Ivory Lounge ethos.

We all love what we do in our boutique and therefore become fully entwined with the Ellis ways -

'believing that you should work surrounded by what you love.'

So, lets round up our thoughts. Those that have visited us and had an appointment with myself, will know how fond I am of this brand.

A well established bridal designer that knows their stuff, creating gowns to make you feel confident, beautiful, and empowered at an affordable price! What's not to love?!

"When a bride chooses Ellis Bridals, she chooses a little story. A gown embedded with history, tradition and love."

- Ellis Bridals

Thanks for reading, take care



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