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When to start your dream wedding dress search...

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Congratulations on your engagement!

Now it is the exciting time to plan your wedding and find your dream dress.

Before you start your search, we recommend having an idea of your wedding date and venue in mind as this can influence your dress choice.

A great time to start your dress search is 12 - 18 months prior to your wedding date and ordering no later than 10 months prior. This gives you plenty of time to find your dream gown and allowing for fittings and alterations.

Don't worry though if your wedding day is approaching, we have some sample gowns available to take home the same day and our designers are fantastic. They may have gowns in the UK ready for delivery or some of them offer a rush order service.

We will do everything we can to give you the best experience and help you on your journey on finding your perfect wedding gown.

So gather your bridal party, have some fun and say "YES to the dress!"

To book your exclusive appointment here at The Ivory Lounge you can visit our booking page or call us on 01752 875702.

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